Netbook or Notebook?

I can tell you, I love Windows 7 on the ASUS 1000HE. I mentioned it already? All this rah rah about netbooks are netbook and not notebooks and you only use them for web surfing. Windows 7 (Win7) and the 1000HE make all the difference. At least for me.

Over lunch I installed Office 2007. Yes, the full suite. As you know, I work for my personal favorite company, Microsoft. And we love email. Even though in the days of Twitter, Facebook and Co. you might call that a bit old fashioned but we get a lot of stuff done via email and Outlook is a must.

Outlook on netbook with 1024x600

The install went very smooth, as expected, no issues. I configured my mail profile via the control panel applet before launch. I use Outlook in non-cached mode. All data stays on the Exchange Server.

New email windows 1024x600

Then, launch of Outlook 2007. Pretty sweet. I honestly cannot feel the difference between my way more powerful XPS M1330 and this little netbook. Ok, maybe a tiny, tiny bit.

After lunch I had a meeting with the Windows Server 2008 R2 launch planning v-team. The lady next to me asked whether I use a netbook. Pride. “Yeah, I do. Wanna look?”  “Oh, you’re running Outlook … and Office? I thought of buying a Samsung NC10 myself. But how did you get Office installed and does it work?”

“Of course it works. And fast too.” More pride. "Thanks to Win7”, I could not resist to add. Being careful I also reminded her “Your mileage may vary. I only know it work great on the 1000HE.”

By the way, I’ve used the netbook now all day long, for email and web browsing (read: research) and the battery is down to 35%.

I should install ManicTime to figure out how long which app is used. But that is something for another post I guess.

Let me finish the post with this: Who needs a hacked Mac OS running on a netbook when you can have a legal copy of Windows 7?

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  1. Programmerman says:

    Someone else who’s loving this awesome combo (7 and the 1000HE). I’m also liking what Live Mesh is doing for me: put work stuff in a mesh folder, then work at the desk, get up and work somewhere else, come back and keep working. Work is primarily in Visual Studio 2008, which runs better on the little Eee than it does on my work computer (which is a fairly tricked-out 64-bit box). And if I forget to put something in, I just use the Mesh remote desktop to clean up the loose ends.

  2. Thanks for the comment Programmerman. Yeah, I love and use Mesh a lot but have not yet gotten to it on the netbook. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Makes things so easy.

    How’s VS08 on the netbook? Espeacially with the relatively small screen.

  3. k-lo says:


    you obviously love win7 as the rest of us, and you’re even using it hardcore. what will happen as soon as win7’s license expires? what are your plans afterwrds?

  4. @k-lo. Thanks for your comment. I surely will upgrade to the real thing. Currently I run the Professional or Enterprise version. Plan is wipe the system and do a brand new install with Windows 7 Ultimate. Can’t wait.

  5. Hi

    I agree that you should install ManicTime 😉

    I’m doing lots of outsource work and I’m using ManicTime to record all my actions. For me it’s THE tool for the job.

    I rate ManicTime with 5 stars 🙂

    I recommend to give this software a try!


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