MIX09 “On The Cheap”

There’s so much exciting stuff planned for Mix this year that even a (server) OS guy like myself wants to go. Not that they talk big about my subject. BTW, why not?

Well but that’s beside the point. In today’s tough economic times it is even harder to make the decision going to a conference. Be it as it may, if you consider yourself member of the target audience for Mix09 and if you have to be cost sensitive, I suggest checking out MIX09 “On The Cheap”. T&E for the conference cut down to $500 or even less as one commenter suggested.

Make sure you take advantage of the Early-bird registration and save another $300 from the conference fee.

But wait, there is even more.

The Windows Server division throws in a free copy of Windows Web Server 2008. There’s another $500 you can save.

OMG, now look at the agenda and register!



Mix09 Website
Windows Web Server website
Mix09 on the cheap
Windows Server division blog

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