Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 Videos

If you want to learn about what’s new in HPC Server 2008 R2 or want to see who’s behind the product, go to the HPC Show on Channel9. Wen-ming just posted a larger number of new videos and screencasts. The product is currently in beta and scheduled for RTM sometime in 2010. New videos: Windows…


MIX10 Registration is Live

Microsoft just opened the registration for next year’s MIX10 event. Look like a Love Fest to me :). I wish I could go. Buxton and Guthrie return to keynote at MIX10 Bill Buxton and Scott Guthrie headline MIX10 delivering key messaging on the future of web design, development and user experience. Open Call for Content…


Thinking about Windows Server 2008 R2 Migration

The Windows Server Migration team’s been cooking…no, not cranberry sauce and stuffing, but a new Windows Server Migration Utilities download package that lets you use the Windows Server Migration Tools to migrate Hyper-V and Routing and Remote Access Services (RRAS). Brand-spankin’-new beta migration guides are available for both Hyper-V and RRAS, with detailed, step-by-step guidance…


The Grandfather of Cloud Computing, not

Over on Rough Type, Nicolas Carr’s blog, he points to a document dated from March 30, 1965. In this document Western Union describes its plan to build “a nationwide information utility, which … (read more).


Unix to Windows API dictionary

Wen-ming on my team worked with folks from InteropSystems on a porting dictionary to help ease the pain porting source code from Unix to Windows. They took the most frequently used Unix calls and provided a piece of sample code demonstrating the equivalent function on Windows (if it exists). Please go to and check…


New Training on the Channel9 Learning Center

The evangelism team is constantly expanding our selection of training courses on Channel9. This week we launched another set of great learning courses on the new Learning Center. The one that is close to my heart is the High Performance (HPC) course. I am very proud of my team. Two out of the currently available…


New Courses on the Channel9 Learning Center

As mentioned in a previous post, we are constantly expanding our selection of training courses on Channel9. Today (Nov 9th) we launch a few new courses. One of them is the the Windows Server 2008 R2 training. Windows Server 2008 R2, “Not your average R2!” Explore this significant Windows Server release via a self-paced training…


Parallel Computing at PDC09

Besides a bunch of sessions, there’s also a chalk talk at #PDC09. Check out the details and “how to avoid the crowd” at the A View into the Behavior of Your Parallel Application blog.


Server Room to Datacenter To Compute Container

Over at c|net Ina Fried has a short article, including video interview, about what “… could be the largest data center in the world," according to Arne Josefsberg, GM of infrastructure services for Microsoft’s data center operations. But it is not only the potentially largest datacenter, it is also a quite unusual datacenter. The servers…


7 Up

Windows 7 has a lot to offer for developers. If I had to pick the 7 most relevant or the 7 “sexiest” I would go with James’ list. Over the past week Jim O’Neil wrote a series of blog posts about his 7 favorites. Learn how to take advantage of these cool features on Jim’s…