Favorite Posts of Week 38

What’s going on with me. First no favorites in 3 weeks and now one day late for last weeks favorites. Sorry. I promise to become better. Here’s my favorite posts from last week:

  • What Her Eyes Tell Her About Your Business. A post on Wonderbranding: “With a brain that’s structured for massive signal input and a pair of eyes that possess the peripheral vision of Wonder Woman, the female customer can’t help but absorb visual cues that affect how she feels about your business.” The post also has a link to a “Visual Checklist” for your website. Interesting read not only if you market to women.
  • Guy Kawasaki’s “Innovation” presentation gets a makeover by Nancy Duarte in Extreme Makeover by Duarte Design.
  • ECommerceTimes knows about some interesting moves in IMDb’s online offerings. IMDb Adds Some Show to Its Tell has the details about IMDb’s new show/movie streaming service.
  • Hah, another Guy Kawasaki post, How to Capitivate an Audience, Guy links to an American Express Open forum blog post and to an interview he conducted with Nancy Duarte.
  • Not that you need any guidance on how to do email, right? Well, in case you do, here’s a post on Technology Evangelist on Double the Value of the Email You Send. “Here's an easy way to double your email value: Wait 5 minutes before sending. That's it.” Well, not quite. read the post.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you find it somewhat useful.

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