10 lives for Windows Live

image1Over at Windows Live Dev News David Treadwell shares exiting news for developers, especially for developers on the Windows Live platform. But read for yourself.

  1. Windows Live Messenger Library (new to beta) – "Develop your own IM experience"
  2. Contacts API (progressed to Beta) – "Bring your friends"
  3. Silverlight Streaming (progressed to beta) – "Use our infrastructure to deliver great experiences"
  4. Windows Live ID Delegated Authentication--"Safely & securely enable data portability"
  5. Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) as the future direction
  6. Developer Tools – Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio (CTP Refresh) "Drag and Drop Live Services into your apps"
  7. Application Based Storage
  8. Windows Live Photo API (CTP Refresh with AtomPub end point)
  9. Visit Planner / Contoso Hotel (new Quick App)
  10. Tafiti Search Visualization (updated with the Windows Live Messenger Library)


Yo, great stuff that is either available today (some in beta) or during the next few weeks. And cats have only 9 lives (US).

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