Windows Server 2008 Launch

Today's the day. Windows Server 2008 officially launches. The keynote is currently on and you can watch it live here: Today is a day the whole company has worked for for a long time very, very hard. I believe it was worth every day, every hour and every person's effort! A great product that starts with over 1'000 applications already ready for Windows Server 2008. These applications and many, many 1'000 more are compatible with Windows Server 2008. And let us not forget that – with Windows Server 2008 – virtualization comes out of the box, helping with today's most pressing issues in IT infrastructure, cost savings and improved and simplified infrastructure management.

The evangelism team in particular has helped customers and partners getting ready for Windows Server 2008. The team was also working with ISVs and partners that are new to the Windows platform and wanted to take advantage of the new and enhanced features and the improved performance of the latest Windows server family.

A great day!

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