Virtualization Starter

TechRepublic published an article about the" 10 things you should know about virtualization." If you are new to the whole virtualization thing, it will certainly get you started.

The author, Debra Littlejohn Shinder, is right, "Virtualization is a huge topic, and this article is only meant to provide an overview of your options." She briefly touched on the following 10 topics:

  • Virtualization is a broad term with many meanings
  • Not all VM software is created equal
  • Check licensing requirements first!
  • Be sure your applications are supported
  • Virtualization goes beyond Windows
  • Virtualization can increase security
  • Virtualization can increase availability and aid in disaster recovery
  • VMs need more resources
  • 64 bits are better than 32
  • Many resources are available for planning your virtualization deployment

Happy reading.

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