Grids for Kids

For the first 10 years of my life I was not exposed to anything computer or closer to digital than an ugly, bulky digital wrist watch. A recent article on GRID today showed me - again - how times have changed. Today, one computer is not even enough anymore and the earlier you get the stuff in your hands, the better. And that's right. But I wonder if this goes a bit too far.

"Grids for Kids' Gives Next-Generation IT an Early Start"

"Last week, the third in a growing series of Grids for Kids days was held at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, involving children aged 10 to 12 in games, tours and interactive presentations that introduced grid computing as a tool for researchers in everything from high-energy physics to climate studies and genomics." Wow. Nerdy, isn't it.

Full article.

Here's a product idea for Microsoft: Windows Home Server, HPC Edition or WHSHPCE. Licensing terms will allow families to install as many as 20 nodes (computers) to be combined to an HPC cluster. Soon kids will no longer play Sim City but Monte Carlo Sim and improve the family portfolio.

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