Stay At Home Server


No longer in my home! Last week I lost about 180 GB of files because Home Server failed to read its data from perfectly intact USB drives and/or from the local hard disk's D:\ drive. I never found out what it was, but the event viewer was suddenly full of PersistentDriveLetter bla bla errors and "Client Backup server failed at d:\qhsv1_rtm_qfe\qhs\src\backup\util\diskfile.cpp(383)" entries. Thankfully I had a backup of about half of the data.

I did not give up and assumed it was a hardware fault or my mistake . Reinstalled on complete different hardware, buying a 1TB USB drive, duplicating all shares, happy camper. Until tonight, only 3 days after the new install on completely different hardware. Coming home from work, again all Windows Home Server icons in the client PC tray areas are red. WTF.


Same as before. Most data's gone, only a few of my precious images and music files are left. Thankfully I have a backup outside of Home Server which seems not to work in my home.

I might wait until version 2.0, if I ever decide to install it again. The current piece will be permanently banned from our home by the weekend. Sorry folks, I think it is a GREAT idea, this implementation is just not ready for prime time.

BTW, thanks to Home Server my wife stopped talking to me as she is now really mad at me. Not only are some of our pictures gone, I spent countless hours in my room figuring out what the hell is wrong instead of with the family.

Yours Truly Frustrated.

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  1. mancubus says:

    You should use NAS for data storage

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