How Green Is Viridian?

Today I met with DaveO, an old colleague of mine. He left the company some time ago to pursue his own thing. Now he's kind of back. At least for a project. He recently finished working on an article for Technet about Green Computing. The article should be in the next magazine or so.

Made me think of how one can determine if using virtualization technology helps reducing power consumption. It is obvious that, in the case of consolidation (combining multiple systems onto fewer system by using virtual machines) it might help a lot. But how much? I guess it depends on the scenario. But maybe there is already a calculator out there doing the math of how much power you can save and I just don't know about it.

Windows Server Virtualization aka. Viridian is the next generation virtualization technology from Microsoft based on a so called Hypervisor. I guess I will have to do some digging what the product team might have done do to further help saving power with virtualization technology.

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