Microsoft at ISC07 – Day 1 – Staff Briefing

Microsoft poster in the hotel lobby Wow. If you are at ISC'07, you want to attend the morning keynote tomorrow at about 10:3am. Burton J. Smith, Microsoft Technical Fellow, former chief scientist at Cray/Tera Computer is delivering the note. You can already checkout a preview of this ISC'07 keynote  address. Some very important announcements coming tomorrow.

Too bad I can't talk about it yet. Other than that the staff meeting was short and fun. For a change it's great to see all the folks from Redmond in my country and not me being in the US. And I met people from MS Germany I only knew via email and phone calls.

Microsoft is definitely not only talking about but also acting on growing the HPC business for its partners. The Microsoft booth is really a partner booth (images tomorrow). Many mainstream HPC applications are available on the Windows HPC platform and are demo'ed in the exhibition area. Tonight is the grand opening of the Exposition floor. That's how they call the exhibition area. After the VIP tour at 5:30pm the floor is pen to everyone and free beer and drinks are served. Looking forward to connecting with as many people as possible.

BTW, the image shows a huge Microsoft poster in the Hotel lobby. The hotel is next door to the conference center.

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