Virtualization at TechEd 2007

Don’t miss the sessions about Virtualization at TechEd 2007 in Orlando, FL. Patrick over at the Windows Server Division Weblog has the info.


Looking for something a bit more technical? Well I’d recommend the following sessions:

  • SVR239 – Virtualization 360: Microsoft’s vision and strategy for Virtualization
  • SVR342 – High Availability for Physical and Virtual Environments with Windows Server 2008
  • SVR344 – Running Paravirtualized Linux Guests with Microsoft Windows Virtualization
  • SVR241 – Debunking Virtualization market myths and misperceptions 

But what about using Virtualization to better manage desktops? I’d recommend the following:

  • SVR345 – Terminal Services and SoftGrid used together for application delivery
  • SVR201 – Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services overview

Virtually Yours

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