Hardware Virtualization Check Utility

How do I find out if the processors in my laptop, desktop or server supports resource virtualization? Does my system run on Intel-VT or AMD-V?

There are a few tools out there allowing to check either one or the other vendor's processors or they just return the build and stepping and you have to look up the information on the vendor's website. In the past I used CPU-Z quite a lot. Many tools are of course not for free.

SecureAble by Gibson Research Corp. supports both vendors, Intel and AMD, and determines 3 important processor features and is free:

1/ 64-bit'ness
2/ Data Execution Prevention
3/ Hardware Virtualization

To the left you find a screenshot of SecureAble taken on my current desktop system.

While I haven't looked too far, I find this tools really helpful in communication with my folks here in evangelism. Almost everyone uses Virtual Server 2005 R2 and many start using the internal builds of Windows Server Virtualization ("Viridian") where 64-bit and Hardware Virtualization are key to install and run the Hypervisor. Those who are not able to buy new hardware are looking for tools to check their system and find out if they "need" a new system so they can run Virtual Server 2003 R2 with support for Hardware Virtualization or "Viridian".

Virtually Yours

Comments (8)

  1. tomwu says:

    WDK’s detectvp can be used to check whether the system has all the right BIOS settings enabled to support the Viridian hypervisor.

  2. Stephen says:

    I’m not sure about the accuracy of the information provided by the SecurAble utility – I tried it on my Acer Travelmate 8210 (http://global.acer.com/products/notebook/tm8210.htm) and it tells me that, "Yes", I have Hardware Virtualization.

    In reality, the Intel-VT is disabled on the 8210 (and there isn’t an option in the current version of the BIOS to enable it).

  3. dre says:

    I wish it also detected the presence of TPM.

    also – hardware DEP, in windows xp and 2003 is vulnerable to the skywing/skape techniques published in the uninformed journal.  microsoft’s fix is typical, "upgrade to vista".

    the underground hacker community has picked up on this and made it trivial.  not only do the popular exploitation engines support the breaking of hardware DEP (CORE, ImmunitySec, MetaSploit), but I have even seen videos on milw0rm showing how to re-write an exploit in minutes using a tool like MSF-xB.

    Shame on Microsoft and GRC!

  4. Lots has been happening lately, but all that is for another post. Here are some recent Virtualization

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