When I’m 64

Well, I have to admit I was a bit confused by the piece from Joe Wilcox:

"During a speech this morning, Bill Laing, general manager of the Windows Server division, reiterated that, after 2008, Microsoft would only produce 64-bit operating systems. Windows Server 2008 will be Microsoft's last 32-bit OS."

Sometimes it is hard to find out if people mis-understand, mis-interpret or what else went wrong. And I certainly won't judge "Microsoft Looks to 64-Bit Future!" But something is wrong!

Our Bill Laing is part of the Windows Server world and talks about Windows Server. And here we have a bright 64-bit-only future ahead of us, post Windows Server 2008. Everybody knows this for quite some time.

The client side is different! And the Vista team provides clear guidance on the matter.

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