Longhorn Server Beta 3 is out

What a great day! Microsoft just announced the availability of Windows Server code name "Longhorn" Beta 3. I know the whole company was very anxious to get this build out to our customer and partners. To all our partners and customers: No more excuses, GetBeta3 is live. Go and grab a copy and test your solutions, your applications and your infrastructure on this build. From my virtual perspective the only setback is that we did not include Beta 1 of Windows Server Virtualization aka. 'Viridian' in this beta. 'Viridian Beta 1 will ship later this year. Mike Neil talks about the timing in an earlier post.

Instead of repeating what Microsoft folks already talk about in their blogs, here are a couple of links you might find useful:

  • Jason Olson, a team mate, talks about "Top Ways To Light Up Your Apps On Windows Server" on his "Developer Meet Server" blog. Very good read for developers! He also added a document with even more details. Don't miss this post.
  • David Lowe, member of the Windows product group, has quite detailed information in his post "Beta 3 Is Go!" over at the Windows Server Division Blog.
  • And there's of course the official press release.

Ready, Set, Go! We're on our way to RTM!


Neil, my boss, last night almost topped my favorite blog post from Jason. He blogged about Beta 3 and his blog has a great set of links making it easy to find the bits and learn more. Go and check out all the resources about Beta 3 of Windows Server code name "Longhorn" he has collected. A great collection for developers and IT Professionals and folks wanting to learn more about the next generation Windows Server OS or just try the bits at home.


Update 2:

Channel 9 has the signoff video up. Of course! Go check it out and enjoy Iain.

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