VHD Test Drive partners

Last night I received email from our partner SplendidCRM Software, Inc. SplendidCRM has posted their first VHD Test Drive image. Go to their download website and check it out. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application "was built on the Microsoft technology stack (Windows, IIS, SQL Server, C#, and ASP.NET)."

Microsoft VHD Test Drive website update: I wish we would make faster progress in getting information about our VHD Test Drive partners up on the program website.

But it is on microsoft.com and therefore the official, official face of the Microsoft corporate web presence. So things have to be absolutely correct and must comply with all our standards for the corporate web presence. But we are working on it as fast as possible.

Drive Safely.

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  1. CoqBlog says:

    De nouveaux disques virtuels sont disponibles dans le cadre du programme VHD Test Drive dont je vous

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