Sleepless in Bangalore

No, it's not the title of a new movie from Bollywood studios. I'm still in Bangalore, of course, the event is tomorrow and I am tiered as hell.

Just realized that my teammate Vittorio is in Singapore; he's Sleepy in Singapore. Hope he's around a few more days. Vittorio, I'll arrive on Tuesday morning.

Obviously I am not the only one suffering from jet lag or sleeplessness - which certainly does not improve my bad English. But I spare you the photos. Check out Vittorio instead, he has more hair too.

I wouldn't even know how to use my camera's self-timer. I bought a new Pentax point-and-shoot at Costco the other day. Just for the trip. Pentax Optio M20, 7 Megapixels AND standard (rechargeable) batteries, my favorite feature.

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