India ISV Virtualization Summit

Just arrived in Bangalore. First time in my life in India. Since I arrived at 1:30am it hard to tell anything. But this is for sure, the conditions of the roads and streets are comparable to the condition you find in the US. Ok, I am from Germany, the country of the "Autobahn" and "Freie Fahrt fuer freie Buerger". More to come. It is 4am, something like 2pm in Seattle and I am tired...

BTW, the summit in Bangalore is fully booked. Let's see how many show up on Monday.

PS: HBO everywhere. I hate it. They just played Oceans' Twelve... Thank god there's local TV. BOLLYWOOD. Yeah! I love these movies (don't understand a word). Who needs words.


PS2: My nose is bleeding since arrival. Seattle->Vancouver->Frankfurt->Bangalore is too much dry air on planes.

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  1. guruparan says:

    welcome to india!…be careful while going may get into heavy traffic!

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