Ferrari 1000 Vista updates available

While I am sitting in the Copenhagen Airport lounge, waiting for the SK flight to Seattle, I checked the EMEA FTP site from Acer to find 2 new downloads for the Acer Ferrari 1000 FOR WINDOWS VISTA. Yeah. Reasonably new; 2/7/2007 is the file date. Let's hope this ends all my tech pain with this laptop. While it is a GREAT tool to take it on a business trip, lots of stuff doesn't work well under Vista. At least for me.

The system normally does not return successfully from Sleep. Hibernate works only 5 out if 10 times. The VGA output does not have enough output juice to connect to a beamer over cables longer than 4 meters. Almost killed my demos in Munich yesterday. Power saving modes seem not to work at all. Oh, they solved the display driver bluescreen in one of the last driver updates. I count three ATI updates via Windows Update since 1/19/07.

The 2 above mentioned files are:

The wireless network is a bit weak where I am sitting so it may take some time until they're downloaded. Both ZIP files are over 300 MB in size.


PS: WinWord 2007 just crashed. What the … The good thing: I restarted WinWord and could continue to write this post where I left off. No loss of data.


PPS: The 2 files seem to be for upgrades from XP to Vista. Makes sense. But what about me? I run Vista. BTW, I just pulled an earlier post. I tried to install the update stuff on Vista. Don't do it. This tool must have been written by cave men (sorry guys). Not only replaces it the desktop background for no reason with something totally ugly. It also replaces your current IE homepage with Acer's website. What else did they screw with?

A tip for the Acer folks or whoever wrote this piece: Download the Microsoft software development and UI guidelines and do use at least the bare minimum recommendations.

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  1. hi says:

    So it runs like crap, at least its a Ferrari!

  2. When it runs, then it is a fine system. I very much like the performance of this tiny notebook. Since it sports a Turion 64-bit dualcore, I use it to run Virtual Server for my demos and showcases. 2 GB of RAM come very handy.Looking ofrward to install Windows Server Virtualization …

    My guess is, Acer was behind with their prep. work for Vista. Shame on them.

  3. I’m starting to see a common theme.

    None of the software I had to download lately for my or my friends machines was reasonably well written.

    There are VGA drivers that reinstall .NET 2.0 in the wrong language, WLAN drivers that keep hanging, firmware updates that keep screwing up or ACPI support applications that use hidden "service" windows messing up the Alt-Tab experience.

    And all employ some fancy yet utterly useless UI and install twenty notification icons and desktop shortcuts.

    I’m thinking about starting to return hardware that is accompanied by mediocre software.

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