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Another test. Just downloaded the beta of the Windows Live Writer to give it another try. In general I am very happy with BlogJet except for the image part; I could never get it to work correct.

I tried Windows Live Writer (what a name) earlier but cannot remember. So let's see how it does with images:

Even though it currently rains like hell in Seattle, skiing must be fine in the mountains and the above images - if it appears - fits nicely.

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  1. There are many ways to post blogs. You can use the web interface that most blog applications (blogger,…

  2. Yeah, I’m lazy and want it convenient and comfortable. Thanks Christian.

  3. Jose Aguilar says:

    I tried Live Writer back in August when it was released. I thought it was OK, but I still prefer BlogJet – nothing beats Blogjet’s Flickr integration and simple UI.

    The only thing I like about Live Writer is the Live Maps integration. You can see an example here:

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