Windows Live Writer

Another test. Just downloaded the beta of the Windows Live Writer to give it another try. In general I am very happy with BlogJet except for the image part; I could never get it to work correct.

I tried Windows Live Writer (what a name) earlier but cannot remember. So let’s see how it does with images:

Even though it currently rains like hell in Seattle, skiing must be fine in the mountains and the above images – if it appears – fits nicely.

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  1. There are many ways to post blogs. You can use the web interface that most blog applications (blogger,…

  2. VolkerW says:

    Yeah, I’m lazy and want it convenient and comfortable. Thanks Christian.

  3. Jose Aguilar says:

    I tried Live Writer back in August when it was released. I thought it was OK, but I still prefer BlogJet – nothing beats Blogjet’s Flickr integration and simple UI.

    The only thing I like about Live Writer is the Live Maps integration. You can see an example here: