Windows HPC Cluster on a laptop

Wired? Useful? Be it as it may, in a recent post Phil describes how to set up a virtual cluster based on Windows HPC Server 2008. He certainly knows what he’s talking about. He evangelizes HPC for Microsoft. Also check out his first screencast talking about what you need to set up a dev.  environment…


Hafnium helps increasing performance of virtual environments

On Nov 11th Intel already announced a "Fundamental Advance in Transistor Design," extending  Moore’s Law and therefore computing performance. You find the full press announcement here. Why’s it important in the context of virtualization? Well, not only are these new chips using the element Hafnium to be more "Eco-Friendly", the new processor architecture also has…


Screencast on Windows HPC Server 2008

My teammate Giovanni just posted a screencast highlighting the key new features of Windows HPC Server 2008 aka. CCS V2. Also, check out his blog post.

Windows HPC Ecosystem

What’s a platform worth without an ecosystem? Microsoft is working very closely with industry partners to port HPC solutions over to also support the Windows HPC platform. Recently four major players announced their support for Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003: Altair Engineering Inc., ANSYS Inc., CD-adapco and Livermore Software Technology Corp. ported their engineering software…


Technet Edge

These guys are definitely on a mission. Only a few after launch, look at the amount of content they have already posted. A long awaited community for IT professionals.

Beta 1 of Windows HPC Server 2008 available

Today we announced the public availability of Windows HPC Server 2008 aka. CCS V2. While Windows HPC Server 2008 obviously addresses the HPC market, the Microsoft efforts in high performance computing go way beyond pure HPC. The second half of the official press announcement hints what’s coming over the next months and years. Parallel extension…


AMD announces Core Math Library 4.0

From the press announcement: ACML is a set of numerical routines tuned specifically for AMD64 processors designed to increase support for linear programming, an optimizing technique for mathematically intensive code, in multi-core processing environments. Enhancements to ACML announced today include an update to the Linear Algebra Package (LAPACK) and increased optimizations for Quad-Core AMD Processors,…


Next HPC training in Redmond is focusing on V2

Windows HPC Server 2008 (aka. "V2") comes with a boatload of new features. More than worth an in-depth training. This post is meant to inform you about a rare opportunity to learn about Windows HPC Server 2008 from a developer and an IT professional perspective. We use early bits for all the labs! Register here….


Microsoft Hypervisor only on 64-bit

Looks like there is some confusion about our Hyper-V product. The Microsoft Hypervisor is called Hyper-V (as announced today). It will only be available for 64-bit SKUs of Windows Server 2008. Also the Hyper-V standalone SKU is only available for 64-bit. To take advantage of the Microsoft Hyper-V technology you will need hardware supporting virtualization…


Hypervisors are hip these days

BIOS vendors, OS providers and now database companies, everyone does his own Hypervisor these days. Interesting to watch how this game works out over the next months and year.