Nature fights back, or?

Is it merely a coincidence or is is all part of a major plan? Last weekend it was all over the news in Germany: A Brown Bear from Austria illegally crossed the Austrian/German border and made quite some trouble in the rural neighborhoods. He killed a few sheep and wounded others. Authorities, unable to catch him, decided to declare open season and have him shot. 
On the same topic, this morning on my way to work I listened to KUOW. They mentioned the sighting of a Black Bear in U-District scaring people. Looks like the poor beast didn't make it either. Attempts to stun him failed and so it was decided to put him to death. Read the black paw story at

But the question remains, is this part of a major plan? Are bears all over the world unite? Has time come for wildlife to fight back? Will we end up in Zoos, bears and giraffes watching us and feeding us bananas (or corn for that matter)?Well, I leave it to the experts in conspiracy theory to answer these questions and more ...


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