Hiring these days

"Oh well, not again!!"
You're right, I shouldn't - again - misuse the blog to inform people about one more open position for a Longhorn Server Evangelist. So I won't.

Nevertheless as you may know, hiring the right people has never been easy. In the light of good competition it has not become any easier.
Something that miraculously has worked for me is my email footer. I've added something to my regular email footer that says: "We're hiring - Do you want to become a Longhorn Server Developer Evangelist." OK, nothing new. Everybody does that. And of course it didn't work too well. Actually it did not work at all. Two days ago I changed it slightly:

We're Hiring - Do you want to become a Longhorn Server Developer Evangelist.

Man, that worked. I've received 2 emails from people interested in the last 24 hours. I've only sent out 30 email with the new footer. I should have known from the beginning, if you want something that everybody else wants too and supplies are limited, make noise.

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