Microsoft HPC Community Website is live

The HPC team has just launched the new Windows HPC Community web site. This site will serve to provide vibrant community opportunities centered on the features outlined below.
Blogs – currently there are three blogs including:

·    Developer Blog

·    IT Professional Blog

·    Applications Blog

All blogs are currently maintained by product team members.

Forums – there are five forum categories including:

·    Developers

·    Deploying and Managing CCS

·    Academia

·    Applications

·    Computer Cluster Server 2003

A “general” forum has been established for each of these categories. These may be expanded as we begin to get a sense of what community members want to discuss.

File Gallery – this is where you will find content.  The current content  is from the soon-to-be-retired code gallery community site.

Roller” – this is an aggregated feed of external RSS feeds.

RSS – as people have come to expect, this feature is found in all blogs, forums and file galleries. One really cool feature is the ability to subscribe to searches on the site. Define your search and subscribe to the query and you will constantly keep updated on new content that matches your search criteria!


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  1. There has been a new Windows HPC Community web site launched. VolkerW has all the details on his blog….

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