Buy a MacBook Preloaded with Windows

Over at Gizmodo I found this. Now isn't that nice? All we 64-bit geeks are waiting for is the MacBook powered by 64-bit Core Duo. INTEL, wake up.

The story comes with a grain of salt though. The ExperCom website states: "We don't support Windows XP - and neither does Apple. We'll install it for you, but, hey, we're Mac people, so we can't help answer Windows questions!" So, whom do I call for support, Ghostbusters?


Comments (3)

  1. Rosyna says:

    Well, if you need windows support, then call the producer of Windows, Microsoft…

  2. Question is if the HW is supported by MS 🙂

  3. Josh says:

    Wait wait wait, since when has MS actually supported hardware?  I mean, I can build a computer from parts and so long as each of those parts is supported, it’s going to have a driver.  If it doesn’t have a driver, then you petition the vendor to write a driver for it.

    It’s not like I call up MS and say, "Yeah, I need help" and they say, "HAY WHUT HARDWARE R U USING? LOL"

    No, they just go through the motions. "Click start, choose shutdown, choose reboot…"

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