The 64-Bit Insider is here

All the years of 64-bit evangelism I always wanted to write a book about 64-bit application migration on Windows. Haven't done it yet and even if all material would be available now, it takes about 9+ months to get it into the bookstores. By then all applications are on 64-bit anyway :). Furthermore there is such a huge amount of extremely valuable information on 64-bit out there on the web, you just have to look (aka. google) for it.

I didn't give up the idea completely. The 64-Bit Insider is here.

From now on - until we run out of ideas or time - a new Insider will be posted every week or so. The goal of the 64-bit Insider is to bring 64-bit migration and development issues as well as tips and tricks to the attention of a wider audience. Some of the papers will be fairly high level, some will go very keep and cover (complex) technical aspects of app migration. Volume1, Issue 1 "Alignment in 64-bit Processors: Part 1" is available as attachment to this post. This and all subsequent Insiders will be posted in the resources section of this fine website. BTW, the website contain some really valuable stuff around 64-bit Windows.

64-Bit Insider is meant to provide developers who are new to application migration/development on 64-bit Windows an easy to digest paper at hand that can be read on the plane, during a train commute to and from work or at the beach (if you have nothing else to do in the sand). Seasoned developers/"migrators" will find the Insider useful too. Some papers will cover complex technical aspects of development and migration on Windows.

Future issues will include topics like: Part 2 of the alignment paper, polymorphic data types, WoW64, remote debugging, legacy components on 64-bit, file system redirection and many more.

And while there are quite a few ideas for papers, these papers are meant to be read by people interested. That said, let's make sure the right topics are covered. I am very much interested in your feedback and ideas for additional topics that should be covered. Please either give feedback via this post or use this forum to discuss.

64-bit Insider Volume 1 Issue 1.pdf

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  1. I don't seem to be able to find a place to purchase a license for x64 after the trial period ends. I am developing several machines for video editing and I don't want to have to start over with an oem version and reload everything I debug again, but I can't find a place on and/or the sales people can't give me an answer. I am ordering XP Pro x32 oem for each machine as I build them then install the x64, there needs to be a way a trial version can be made permanent with a XP Pro 32 license and some dollars>>>???

  2. Gusmoko says:

    I read somewhere that you can upgrade trial version to full version, but can't find it anymore. I would also like to have a full version without having to reinstall the whole system.

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