Intel Core Duo has 64-bit, but it’s not activated

How smart would that be? Build one processor and charge per enabled 'feature'.  

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  1. dear sir:

           last year, i bought  a mainboard , it `s information you can get form the link :

    {FOXCONN mainboard

    style: 915GL7MH-S

    mainboard structure: MicroATX

      CPU  : LGA 775   Prescott,Celeron D


    north chip : Intel 915GL

    south chip : Intel ICH6

         2 DDR DIMM,DDR400,DDR333,DDR266

            Intel GMA900  

       sound card   AC97

      hard disk: ATA 100,S-ATA150

     PCI Express 16X }

       my OS is XP64 ,my trouble is that i have no useable driver for my sound card on that mainboard .the origenal

    driver is just for 32bit systerm.and i can`t get any support

    from the FOXCONN  company.can you give me some advise

    ? my email:  

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