Virtualization is sooo hot

Info for the virtual newbie.

If you are new to Virtualization, here's  a nice animation showing the basics of Intel's virtualizations support, highlighting the technical and the business aspects.

Being a subscriber to the Intel Software&Solution News, I just received the current newsletter with below link.

Intel® Virtualization Technology: Flash* Animation

Get an overview of Intel® Virtualization Technology, which can abstract, divide and share hardware resources between multiple operating system environments running simultaneously.

Wanted to be balanced, so I tried to find a similar thing on the AMD websites. I wasn't too successful but here's a nice presentation from AMD:

AMD "Pacifica" Virtualization Technology

Learn how "Pacifica" virtualization technology allows AMD to continue to offer a competitive performance roadmap while meeting the system architecture demands of our customers.

AMD "Pacifica" Virtualization Technology (839K PPT).

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