It’s a mobile world – Part II

Just found an article on c|net about notebook sales. Sales of portable computers are soaring. c|net: "Notebooks accounted for 50.9 percent of personal computers bought at retail in 2005, while desktops accounted for 49.1 percent." The Americans are clearly mobile.
Interestingly enough, new dual core and 64-bit processors help notebook sales. "We’re seeing a fundamental shift in consumer buying behavior. We expect this trend to continue as 2006 will give the mass market dual-core processors and 64-bit capabilities," said Sam Bhavnani, an analyst at Current Analysis.

"...2006 will give the mass market dual-core processors and 64-bit capabilities." So, developers, what are you waiting for? Is your app ready or will you together with your app and all your market share be devoured by Langoliers?

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  1. NBK says:


    but notebooks – while certainly quite a few of us use them – are not the place of the REAL fast growth in the market.

    Even when the absolute estimated number notebooks sold in 2005 of 55 Million sounds impressive at first, it still does not even reach a mere 7 (in words: seven)  percent the of global number of new mobile phones sold in 2005 – an estimated 810 Million.

    So it would actually be a good idea to start thinking of mobile form factor user interfaces that are utilising the power of 64 bit low power cpus and OSes that can put that kind of traction onto the mobile application street to the best benefit of their users….

    All the Best,



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