It’s a mobile world – Part I

When I first moved to the US, I was impressed by the mobility of the American "labor force". I am still fascinated by the mobility and geographic flexibility that Americans show when it comes to moving across the country for a good job. Very impressive! Compared to Germany, my home country, people in the US seem to do almost anything to get the desired job or position. In Germany it feels like many people are reluctant to even leave their home town to avoid unemployment. This may all sound very subjective and there's a huge difference between the former Eastern German states and the rest of the country. People from the Eastern part of Germany show way more geographic flexibility when looking for employment. I strongly believe the flexibility of Americans or the lack of flexibility of Germans is one reason for the unemployment rates in their countries.

Oops, I got totally carried away. I didn't mean to rant about German workers but something needs to happen there.
Believe it or not, this post was meant to talk about something completely different - (64-bit) notebook sales in the US. I will leave this for part II.

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