A free Ferrari from Microsoft

Laughing Squid received a Ferrari 1000 from Microsoft for testing and blogging.Hope the laptop works. I was able to source (with excellent support from AMD) 3 of these beauties to show off at our Virtualization Summits early next year. Unfortunately all 3 did not work with Vista. I had constant system hangs and never got…


Google Desktop for Mac OS

GogDeskYeah Still not officially of course. But it is a snap with a little help from the latest Parallels Desktop for Mac and its coherence feature. If you have a spare Windows (XP) license or run Windows on your Mac anyways.


Windows and Mac OS in the Parallels Universe

Parallels certainly adds a coolness factor to Virtualization. The latest beta build of Parallels Desktop for Mac allows launching of Windows apps from the OS X dock. Like Christian asks in a private email informing me about this new beta: “Do these guys ever stop?” I hope they don’t stop and continue to innovate!


Jeremy Allison heading leaving Novell to join Google

Jeremy is one of the Samba (Windows file sharing for Linux) founding fathers. He’s leaving after Novell and Microsoft signed their patent agreement. c|net quotes from Jeremy’s resignation letter published on Groklaw: “Until the patent provision is revoked, we are pariahs …”  


Exchange Server 2007 RTM

Now it is official. The Microsoft flagship email server has been released to manufacturing (RTM). Yeah, great job! Check out the team blog and others have the news. In Terry’s words on the team blog: “We’ve bet the company on this product. Here at Microsoft, we have over 120,000 mailboxes running in production on Exchange…


Beef up your Zune

Beef up the capacity with a new hard disk. The ipod mod folks tell you how. Now all I need is a Zune.


Anitvirus for 64-bit for consumer

Yeah, here we go. Long awaited and finally available for Vista 32-bit AND 64-bit. ITPRO has more. And the download on Symantec’s web.


VHD Test Drive Details

Wow, it is amazing to see how well this program is accepted by costumers and by Microsoft partners. Impressive download numbers for the freely available images from the VHD Download Center. It looks like the team is drowning in questions and requests for the license agreement. We should make it available online. The PressPass article…


Microsoft Virtualization for Developers

Virtualization is cool and there is more than just hype. We all got that. Developments in AMD and Intel processor architecture certainly help fostering adoption and spreading the technology. The newest processors have or will have support for virtual environments built in and products like Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 will take advantage in providing…


VHD Test Drive – Learn more

If you are an Independent Software Vendor or ISV working with Windows you have most likely heard about the VHD Test Drive by now. The program launched officially on Monday. The program consists of 2 parts: Part 1 is for everyone. Currently everyone can download 4 images from the VHD Download Center. The number is…