Streets & Trips 2006 (with GPS Locator)

This is really a neat product. I’ve used it on my way from LAX to the hotel in LA during PDC. Actually we used it on a co-workers 32-bit laptop. I liked it so much that I decided to go and buy it at the MS company story. SOLD OUT. I had to wait 4 weeks but now it’s back in stock. I stopped by on my way back from work to pick it up. At home, unpacking and installing the software (complete install w/ Pocket Streets for Smartphone). Installation done after inserting the "run disk" and a few more minutes of wait time.

Now plugging in the USB cable that connects the tiny GPS receiver to the USB port.


Found New Hardware wizard….

AAaaahhhh "Cannot install this hardware" USB-Serial Controller…


I completely forgot that I use the Ferrari 4000 with XP x64. All the stuff I installed over the last months obviously either had a 64-bit driver or didn’t require any.

Who the hell did not think about this neat feature and fogot to port the driver? Why is there no driver for this freakin’ cable? One would assume a product with "2006" in the name ships with the driver and tools ready for next year. But this is yesterday stuff. I guess the actual GPS locator also requires a driver and this thing is also not available.

Do you know a trick (64-bit driver) to make it work?

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  1. Ryan Hoffman says:

    Volker, I have the same exact problem with Streets and Trips 2005’s GPS locator.

    It seems as if no one cares to support a simple usb-to-serial cable (which is all that the cable is… at least it shows up as a serial device in 32-bit XP).

    Maybe you can make some x64 magic? 🙂


  2. Edi says:

    There’s something odd going on with Microsoft and GPS receivers. Maybe you guys have some broken GPS / COM port libraries somewhere?

    I had to jump through loads of hoops to get a bluetooth one working with Autoroute ~2004. I ended up writing an application that connected to the serial port, parsed the NMEA data, SetWindowText’ed the coordinates into the "Go to grid reference" dialog box and sent a WM_COMMAND to click the button. Another option was to use a virtual loopback COM port, but that was commercial and my trial version expired while I was on holiday

  3. I’m still investigating because I have the same issue (XP PRo 64 bits and Pharos GPS-360). Apparently a solution is the bluetooth docking stationg ( )…

  4. DOWNLOAD <;

    MODIFY THE USB ID # to match your device

    Mine was — USBVID_067B&PID_AAA0

    Install INF

    file said — USBVID_067B&PID_2303

    so I changed the 2303 to VID_067B&PIDAAA0

    inside the INF for thecressponding file


  5. Mommagee says:

    I have Micro Streets & Trips 2008, but using the GPS from the 2006 version. Is there a way to make it work with a 64 bits computer?  I need details instructions or is it best to buy the 2010 issue.

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