We share a pain or WSYP

Mauro is certainly Italian and if he is the initiator of WSYP, cool. Enjoy what Italian ingenuity can do to British Microsofties:http://weblogs.jupiterresearch.com/analysts/stein/archives/011415.html.


VMware offers free VMware Player

Wow, I’ve just downloaded the VMware Player to my x64 workstation. Install takes just a few minutes. No reboot required. In taskmgr it looks like all processes are 32-bit. So I started off using my Virtual Server VM that usually runs under control of Virtual Server SP1 Beta since I do not have any VMware…


RIP 32-bit

As if we needed any more proof. HAPPY 64-BIT HALLOWEEN


Streets & Trips 2006 (with GPS Locator)

This is really a neat product. I’ve used it on my way from LAX to the hotel in LA during PDC. Actually we used it on a co-workers 32-bit laptop. I liked it so much that I decided to go and buy it at the MS company story. SOLD OUT. I had to wait 4…


Have you been called a laggard recently?

Have you been called a laggard recently? I have been called a straggler by my SO and I’d better not tell you the reason why… In some areas the transition to 64-bit native Windows computing is happening very fast, in others not. If you are a developer and work in one of these fast paced…


Citrix announces x64 offering

http://www.computerworld.com/hardwaretopics/hardware/server/story/0,10801,105292,00.html: “If the system is installed on a two-processor, dual-core server running x86-based processors capable of either 64- or 32-bit, it should support approximately twice the number of users of a two-processor machine”, Citrix officials said. “That’s because it offers improved memory and application performance”, said Anthony Ricco, senior director of platform marketing at Citrix. Thanks…