PDC Calling

Last night I arrived in LA. Unfortunately too late to go to the Convention Center to check it out. This morning I got up early; couldn't wait to go to the venue. Well, in a word, it is just amazing. I love to wander the Expo Hall before all the booths are set up and look shiny. And I found already my favorite. A bit hidden in the far left corner is an area called Partner Scenarios. If you are at PDC, go there! They have all sort of very cool gear. Even a real world manufacturing robot. The PDC team worked with KUKA Controls in the US and with KUKA in Germany to make it happen. The coolest thing? It run Windows.

Looks like the servers from AMD and Intel for the 64-bit Microsoft Compute Cluster Solution (CCS) have arrived safe and sound. At least they already product the humming noise you would expect from 4 4-nose 64-bit compute clusters. I know everyone is excited about the Vista stuff and/or wants to see the new Office 12. But on the server side, the hands on labs (HOL) for CCS is as cool as it can get. Check out DATHOL09.

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