Couple of notes from Paul Ottelini’s IDF keynote earlier today

He announced the encounter of new interactive elements for industry events like IDF: Birds-of-a-feather, Chalk-Talk and Think Tank. All sounds like stuff we do at TechEd and many other software events for quite some time. Welcome to the new Intel. The first Chalk-Talk was about VT (Intel’s virtualization technology). Well, Intel is definitely new to this kind of interaction. No real chalking (or dry erase boarding). Questions AND answers were barely to understand. They room – if you will call it a room – was in a side nice of the main hallway in the Moscone West conference center. Tell be about ambient noise. At peak time I counted ~40 attendees. Looking forward to attend a Think Tank session.

Intel expects to sell more mobile CPUs than regular desktop CPUs about 12 months from now. The stuff will be 64-bit capable I guess... Today already 36% of their CPU shipments is mobile CPU stuff. Paul said they have created or about to create the “NEW NORMAL” which includes wifi and/or WIMAX.

The Intel reorg earlier this key will transform Intel into a platform company. And the Intel processor architecture will move from more clock speed from generation to generation to multi core, enabling a better performance/watt with each new processor generation.

It was really to see a graph where is showed dual core overtaking single core shipments about 12 months from today. What an exciting future: More and more compute power, bigger and bigger hard disks, more and more cheap memory and lower and lower power consumption.

Intel expects to ship 60m dual core procs between now and end of 2006. Paul mentioned that Intel has more than 10 different quad core architectures in development. Wow.

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