Intense desire to blog

Other than Scoble (“She has let me geek out all week long without bothering me in the slightest.”), I have a life aside from of Channel9 and blogging. Oh, and a job to do (that is not very related to blogging)!


I never thought I would feel like neglecting a duty when working on my weblog. In the beginning when I started posting it felt like … something new, a new way to communicate, something you have to try to be able to talk about. One-way communication in the beginning of course J. Then, without too many comments and very little feedback I almost forgot about my blog. The/My first hype was over. When I picked up posting again it was more to prove myself I had information and such to share with others. And when the number of comments rose, it felt like: Yeah, people read my stuff and some even really care and either share my opinion or think I am an idiot. They even spend some of their precious time to relpy. Man, that felt good – and still does! Today I am very grateful for any comment and email I receive but can it does no longer influence my blogging frequency. I am passionate. Today I feel I must post because I want to share knowledge, thoughts, findings, experiences and more. It has become another means of communication for me. It has (almost) become a part of my daily life and I value the time writing a post as well as everybody’s time reading my stuff. Thanks.

Why this sermon? I have about 50 odd topics in my blog-to-write list and no time... (Wow this took way too long)

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  1. Shaun Bedingfield says:

    I think that being able to blog everything as an individual is impossible. I think the idea behind blogging is to encourage the creation of a large community where people can share thoughts and ideas that would usually be lost in a corporate atmosphere.

    All the time people have great ideas and most of them think they are too stupid or someone has better ideas and so some very good ideas are lost. Maybe, you don’t have to cover everything. Maybe, you can find people you know who wouldn’t mind giving their slant on a particular topic. You could invite them to post or link to them when they post and you feel they said something important. It is kind of a nice waying of saying to others that I value your thoughts and criticism. Oh, and you really do know something 🙂

    I think we are trained to feel that knowledge is something someone better than us has and something we lack. We seem to be becoming a country where individual thought is less and less encouraged in academia and elsewhere.

    The important thing is not to be afraid of thinking just because you are afraid your thoughts might be wrong or less than perfect. We need to work to realize the true value of workers and that is in building their own thoughts and ideas not mindlessly repeating what they have been taught.

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