Working for Microsoft?

The Windows Compute Cluster Edition (CCE) team is looking to fill some pretty exciting open slots in the CCE product team.Go to, enter HPC as keyword and check out for yourself! You will find quite a few open positions (You bet we will ship the stuff early 2006!). Most of the jobs are in Redmond, WA. This is your opportunity to join an extremely motivated team of very smart girls and guys working on Microsoft latest addition to the Windows Server family. In case you apply, please also little 'r' me.

I started working for MS in Munich. The Munich guys won for the last 2 years (or was it more) the Best Company To Work For Award. After that I worked for MS in an EMEA role. This is really a kicker if you like traveling and working with an international customers and partners clientele. Now I am in Redmond for 2+ years and even though sometimes it feels like working in front of a hair driver (what a pace), I really enjoy it.
Seriously, asked about the 3 most important things at Microsoft as workplace, I would go for:

First:  People I work with
Second:  Customer and partner focus
Third:  Getting-stuff-done- and getting-it-right-attitude
Fourth:  Opportunity to grow and develop

Yes, I can count to 3 but there always more. And then there is the technology aspect; working for a software company is fantastic. But I don’t want to argue about that here. Convinced? Ok, as you have see at the top of this post, there's good news if you are a developer and especially if you are interested in HPC (and Windows).

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