Linux helps selling Windows on AMD64 HW

According to the Windows blog in Informationweek, "Advanced Micro Devices got its start in the server market by supplying 64-bit processors for use as the guts in Linux-based computers. Now, AMD's stake in the ground is working to Microsoft's advantage. The chipmaker's fast-growing server business is being driven, in part, by demand for Windows-on-AMD systems sold to business customers who got their start with Linux-on-AMD." Accoring to AMD's VP of commercial business Kevin Knox, customers don't choose Windows over Linux but deploy Linux and more and more Windows.
Whatever, I love it.

Comments (1)

  1. eric says:

    Is the ratio of the NEW Windows-to-Linux machines

    greater than the EXISTING Windows-to-Linux machines?

    If not, then Windows is backsliding.

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