HPC at Microsoft is called CCE

The compute cluster stuff is getting more and more visibility outside and inside Microsoft. With the new Windows Compute Cluster Edition (CCE) shipping early next year, Microsoft increases efforts in getting the word out about the first version about this product. But there’s more. This morning I attended a meeting between the product team for CCE and our Developer & Platform Evangelism organization. While the product team is heavily engaged with some key ISV, they are looking for additional ways to scale their efforts. Efforts in promoting the product, getting developers to understand the implications and benefits of a CCE based solution and work with customers to get them understand the benefits of compute cluster based on Windows. All I can tell from this meeting is, stay tuned there is some exciting stuff coming your way pretty soon. Currently the website to start with is www.microsoft.com/hpc.
And don't forget, CCE is the new HPC on 64-bit!

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