Go crazy on 64-bit

You haven't had time to go to WinHEC? For sure, this year you missed something important. But you know this by now because it is written about in almost any and every blog, it can be found in countless magazines and on every website talking about 64-bit: “Microsoft announced availability of their 64-bit support.”

We support 64-bit way longer than that. Some claim the Alpha (processor) version of Windows was the first 64-bit Windows OS. Itanium is clearly the first 64-bit architecture we supported with a whole set of SKUs. But it is true that we support 64-bit mainstream x64 hardware since WinHEC.

All I want to share here is 2 links to some really exiting stuff showing the potential of 64-bit Windows computing. NewTek was part of the BillG keynote at WinHEC. They demonstrated what you can do with 64-bit compared to 32-bit in their areas of expertise: 3D Animation.  Take a look at their press release and compare the 32-bit version with the 64-bit version of the animation they built.


Rob Powers, lead creature animator on James Cameron's "Aliens of the Deep" about 64-bit: "64-bit technology removes so many barriers that I was able to go crazy pushing the limits of what I could do right in camera beyond anything I could ever imagine. The sheer magnitude of options that open up with increased memory access and system speed provided with 64-bit technology allow an artist to produce complex visual effects beyond anything you would attempt with a 32-bit solution. Frankly, I have to entirely rethink how I approach production.”

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