Route64 on Channel9

A couple of days ago the Channel9 team posted interviews recorded during the Route64 kick-off event:


Over the next few days we'll bring you video from the Route64 Training tour when it visited Redmond. 

  • In this first part, you meet Kang Su Gatlin (again, since he's been on Channel 9 before). Kang Su is program manager on the Visual C++ compiler team. He knows 64-bit better than most other people because his team is building the compilers to take advantage of the new 64-bit processors that are now hitting the market.
  • The conversation continues with Kang Su about 64-bit and what it means for developers. Next week you'll hear more from the Route64 Training Tour and see some of the things you'll need to worry about as you change your apps from a 32-bit world to the 64-bit ones.
    Oh, and you also meet Volker Will, Mr. 64-bit at Microsoft, who'll join the conversation. Volker and Kang Su also tell you the kind of end-user benefits that'll come when the world moves to 64-bit.


Today is the second day of the first Route64 training in Europe. Unfortunately I had no chance to travel to the UK and see for myself. Colleagues, attending the event, already sent emails that make me believe it is at least as good as the US events we ran so far.

If you are interested in attending an event in your area, check out

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  1. David Roberts says:

    Just got back from the UK Route 64 event.

    Excellent event. The course materials were excellent, as was the presentation. I’d recommend to anyone to attend. Can’t beat the grin on your face as you first fire up task manager on a Dual Xeon 3.6 workstation with 6GB of RAM!

    My only gripe was lack of internet access during the day; there wasn’t any access provided at the location. Other than that, Chertsey is a pretty nice facility.

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