64-Bit (directory) performance rocks

From Dave Kearns' directory lookup benchmarking figures:

Eliminating the quad x64 machine left the remaining four with the following "entries per second" returned:

* 25,941 for the dual 2.2-GHz Opteron. 
* 15,677 for the dual 1.5-GHz Itanium II.
* 3,482 for the dual 733 Mhz Itanium I.
* 3,560 for the dual 2.4 GHz Xeon.

That's right, the x64 was more than one and a half times faster that the Itanium II and a whopping seven and a half times faster than the Itanium I! For database work - and, after all, a directory is simply a special case of a database - these new machines are really going to rock. Start trying to get them into your budget just as soon as possible.

Read the full article here.

Comments (3)

  1. David Betz says:

    Wow, nice! My next desktop is going to be a dual Operon, so that rules!

  2. Wook Lee says:

    Remember that you have to account for the differences in the processor speeds.

    Per Ghz, the numbers are a lot closer for the x64 and IA64 processors:

    x64 11791 entries/sec/GHz

    IA64-2 10451 entries/sec/GHz

    IA64-1 4750 entries/sec/GHz

    x386 1483 entries/sec/GHz

    Those numbers were in my presentation as well.

    Wook Lee

  3. Chris Slatt says:

    Better yet, you should account for the differences in price. I think you’ll find the entries/sec/$ is even more in the Opteron’s favor than entries/sec/ghz

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