Another great Route64 event this week

This week certainly was a week of partner and customer events in the 64-bit Windows world.

Ø       x64 Partner Summit

Ø       HPC NDA event

Forgot to blog about it. D…

Ø       The second Route64 event. This time in Houston, Tx.

Route64 isa worldwide developer training event co-sponsored by hp, Intel and Microsoft.

As for the event before in Seattle, it was very successful. Attending companies were not only able to learn about 64-bit migration in every possible detail, they had the chance to bring their source code and, with help from the technical experts running these events, made good progress in migrating their own projects to the 64-bit platform. Below a summary report from the Route64 team.


Similar to the first event, overall the training in terms of quality, content delivery and means of practical learning was another success. Participant feedback was very positive with expectations being exceeded with attendees reviews ranging from “This course was the best technical class I have taken in at least 5 years: excellent course material and experienced speakers”  to “ Excellent exercises and great speakers” A  big “THANK YOU”  to trainers Christian, Paul  and Ronny who did a great job in both engaging, teaching and coaching the attendees and for making the overall training experience  very valuable, positive and memorable.  



Route 64 Day 1

There was a great positive and enthusiastic energy throughout the three days. First day Christian gave an overview which worked well.  But the week starts off with the usual keynotes. This time the Intel keynote was received better than other keynotes. After the inevitable J the technical sessions started off. The lab content was well received with one attendee stating that the content was ”relevant and valuable” while the instructors were “Extremely helpful, patient and kind”


Day #2

Day 2 covered an in depth analysis of the WoW64 execution layer. It also was a busy day in terms of interoperability as students learned how to maintain 32-bit dependencies with their 64-bit applications. Students also learned how inter-process communication will help them when leaving some components in 32-bit. At the end of the day students worked with 64 bit managed code on the .net Framework.


Success story

One company, an independent software consultant from xxx, brought a .NET application that uses complex memory sharing techniques with lots of Win32 system calls (using PInvoke) to talk to other applications and to control medical robots used for performing very delicate biopsies that are too error prone for manual operations. He was reluctant to try to port it – but encouraged by our classes on C++ he spent a few hours on Monday and Tuesday migrating his application to the Itanium platform. After fixing some inevitable issues with alignment he got the application working 100%. Other reviews ranged from “Ronny’s Session on Preserving 32-bit dependencies was worth the cost for the entire course” to “The material was excellent and highly relevant.”


Day #3

Day 3 addressed new concepts on the 64-bit architecture. Students saw several demos on the true power of SQL-Server when combined with 64-bit and the huge memory space that is now available.  It was then Intel’s turn to take the stage.  They taught students about the different optimizations that could be done for the different architectures when using the Intel compiler. At the end of the day, Intel continued their great workshops using the VTune Performance Analyzer software.  Attendees learned to work with this application and carried out several test scenarios to understand how to find the places in their code where optimizations would work best.


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