Nvidia first with Win 64 bit logo

"NVIDIA IS first with WHQL drivers for Windows XP, x64 Edition. Nvidia got a confirmation that Microsoft admitted its recently submitted driver for Geforce 6800 Ultra and gave it a stamp of approval for this operating system. Nvidia can rock the Win x64 bit edition with certified WHQLd driver. You can say that this is the first x64 Logo graphic driver," says the INQUIRER. Further: "ATI also said that it will be ready with its Win 64 bit driver as soon as this 64 bit OS is ready."

Comments (4)

  1. . says:

    I still wouldnt touch NV with a bargepole with a condom on it.

  2. meh says:

    Are all WHQL certified drivers on WindowsUpdate? IF not, why not and why should we bother caring about WHQL is they are not on windowsupdate?

  3. heh says:

    What about DEP on 64bit, is this hackable STILL by disabling it on a per applicatioin basis? Ive seen attacks that do this so why bother with DEP at all if its able to be simply SWITCHED OFF by ANY virus or worm?

  4. Monotherapy says:

    Love this big time 😉


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