Google OS or Hailstorm

I tend to disagree with Robert. First, Smarttags aren’t “evil” and second, Google may not have plans to ship Hailstorm. J


When I read about Mark Lucovsky leaving Microsoft at eWeek this morning, the first thing that came to my mind was – like Microsoft Watch – “GOS” or Google OS. Why? Because of Mark’s contributions and lead in areas like virtual memory management and other key OS kernel components at DEC and Microsoft.


He has not been hired to repeat Hailstorm. I guess (just guessing!) he has been hired to show the guys at Google how to do an OS right. Design, development and team. See slides 10 and 11 of this talk.


Well, I also had a wired feeling that we might not be talking about an OS as we know it today from VMS, Windows and others. More along the lines of what is the NEXT generation of OS. People the caliber of a Dave Cutler and Mark Lucovsky would not work on another derivative of VMS or NT. Today these guys would work on stuff that will again be the basis and platform of the future. Perhaps a Hypervisor?

-        A Hypervisor offering virtual devices like search&find. A device instantaneously available in any OS running on top of this Hypervisor.  And tons of other stuff you can speculate about looking at Google’s latest hiring list and acquisitions.

But your guess is a good as mine. What is your guess?

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  1. Chris says:

    So, Scoble explained why he thinks Smart Tags are evil – in their initial format and even in the Google incarnation of them. Can you expand on why you think Smart Tags *aren’t* evil?

  2. Ezra says:

    My guess is that it’s going to be more hailstorm-ish than anything else. If you figure that google has one of the firefox people to cover the UI aspect of this, it makes sense to have someone to cover the nuts and bolts of serving/and distributing applications. This has an OS quality to it (it could just be a distuted OS), but will probably not be as extreme as a hypervisor sitting underneath your normal client-side OS.

  3. anonymous says:

    My guess is gMail related although I am sure his no compete with MSFT might not allow it. He was working in the Exchange group before he left after a short stint with the Office team, specifically Access.

  4. Another Chris says:

    I would expect a "Google OS" to have somewhat of a similar feel to a Mac OS. Simple, yet gets the job done (most of the time). Definately going to have a gMail prog like you can download to view mail. We already know Firefox will be it’s browser, possibally adding a p2p gnuetta network, and a chat program (ie. AIM), and mass online storage, kinda like Cosmopod, but better. Which will be bad for all those modem users out there, so I guess they’ll stay with Windows. Just picture what you get from Linux and a Mac OS X feel with all the above mentioned and you’ll more then likely get Google OS. Just my thoughts, later.

  5. In my previous post, I mentioned that I didn’t really get where Microsoft went with some of the aspects of…

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