The future is virtually ahead …

Now that we are clear about the Microsoft 64-bit commitment, let’s focus on the future J. Obviously, HPC is a big thing for Microsoft and I expect other important announcements like Jim Allchin’s x64 message in the near future.

However, what about virtualization? Any Redmond news? According to Gartner this is the next disruptive technology. Moreover, the press is full of news like this:

Any Redmond news? Yes: "We are locked on 64-bit," Allchin said. "We like multithreading, we like virtualization and we like [multiple processor] technology."


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  1. . says:

    I run VMWare ESX as a base on my systems now, and therefore we have a common base, drivers are common (helps with linux :D) and easy to backup and roam across the network with VMs, not to mention theyre harder to break out of 😀

    What puzzles me is why Windows 64bit has an OFF switch for DEP NX, this is stupid as any worm or virus can just simply disable this to hijack the system. DUMB AND DUMBER is what it is.

    How about a patch to remove this switch ability and lock down rigs?

  2. Larry Smith says:

    For the hardcore types, you can find (preliminary) technical information (down to the opcode level) for Intel’s Vanderpool (now Virtualisation) Technology at

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