Time for a change

There are at least 2 times in the life of an evangelist when things really change:

  1. When the products or technologies you evangelize RTM.
  2. When your focus changes.

Well, I am lucky. In my life, both happen at about the same time: x64 support is almost released and I pick up something new and exciting!


Right in time for my birthday (which is today), I had a meeting with the Microsoft HPC team. We call our HPC SKU CCE. CCE stands for Compute Cluster Edition.


From now until RTM of our CCE I will be evangelizing Microsoft HPC to ISVs. Even though this is fantastic and I am extremely excited about getting my feet wet with CCE, it is rather related to 64-bit. CCE will be available for x64 platforms. Makes absolute sense! x64 will become mainstream pretty soon. So while I will pick up something completely new, I can take what I learned over the years in 64-bit and apply where appropriate to HPC.

That said, you will see me blogging more and more about Windows and HPC and less about 64-bit in general.


It is almost worth adding a glossary J


Compute Cluster Edition


High Performance Computing


Independent Software Vendor


Release To Manufacturing


Stock Keeping Unit


AMD 64-bit and Intel EM64T


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