Route64 – Developer Training – Day 1 in Redmond

After the morning keynotes the real hands on lab begun: Day one was about C/C++ development on and for 64-bit Windows platforms. In general participants found the content ”informative and valuable”. Some of the verbatim feedback:

-        “On the first day I already learned more than what I expected from the week.”

-        “I could go home now; I learned already what I needed to do my migration.”

-        “This is the best lab material and documentation I have ever seen.”


Today, the second day of the lab is dedicated to COM interop on 64-bit and 32-bit application execution on WoW64. WoW64, Windows on Windows 64-bit, is a set of DLL enabling 32-bit applications to be executed in a 64-bit environment.


Forgot to mention that we had a visitor from Channel 9 doing video interviews! Guess the attendees and the whole team will become famous now …

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