Route64, PII

Just got word the organizers of this event dropped the price for attendees to as little as USD 299. For Europe it looks like the figures will be the same but in Euros (EUR 299). If the fee has been preventing you from signing up for this event, now this obstacle has been elimitated.

The website for registrations and details about this training is: Remember, this is not only a valuable technical training but you also receive additional goodies from the sponsors of this event:

-        Intel: 1 year license on Windows Software dev. tool, VTune ($1,700 value)

-        HP: up to 50% on discounted hardware

-        Microsoft: Windows 64-bit license

And remember to check out the teasers: - Student Guide Sample.pdf - Student Guide Example.pdf Phase II Extension - CBT Spec.doc



Comments (3)

  1. David Roberts says:

    I got the call in the UK from the organisers from this a couple of weeks ago, and booked myself on right away. To be honest, for what you’re giving, the 299 euro price is underpriced. I think your take up issues were just down to that you didn’t target the right ISV community; having attended last year’s one day Route 64 events, I hadn’t thought to check back to route64, having seen no updates for a good few months after the event. My impression from the attendees of last year’s events is that they were largely C++ developers from ISVs rather than Solution Provider or IT / MIS departments, and you don’t often do a good job of targetting smaller ISVs.

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