Pentium 4 64-bit Ante Portas This all will become real fun. People still believe it will take a couple of years until 64-bit will be mainstream. Well, it will not take that long.


64-bit Webcast Week

Microsoft will run a series of 64-bit webcasts on MSDN. This 64-bit Webcast Week is scheduled for the first week of November. I guess we have covered everything around 64-bit Windows development and deployment. The official announcement on Microsoft websites and via email will be sent out mid October. But you should be able to…


Running 64-bit Windows on x64 hardware

Thought I had to share this with you. Last week I received a Ferrari 3200 Laptop (just for testing for a couple of days L). The test system has: . 1 GB of RAM . AMD Athlon 64, 2800+ processor . 128 MB ATI graphics board . 1040×1050 native LCD screen resolution . 70 GB…